HSF Katalog 2018-2019

11 AUTOBOARD FRAME Autoboard Frame is one of the best and leading vehicle advertisements. It is made of a 42 mm silver-anodized security profile fitted in the sides of vehicles such as trucks, buses, ice-cream vans, etc.. In order to hang the Autoboard Frame on the vehicle, you just need to fix the screws through the channel of the frame. It is easy to change the poster and with the help of the hinges the PET front cover remains constantly fixed and stable. The protective PET front cover is standard. The rear profile of the Autoboard Frame includes water leakage holes. Anti-glare poster cover sheet included. Clear PET cover Galvanised backing Hinges Silver anodised aluminium Security profile PROFILE : 42 mm 45 0 ARTICLE UCA42N00F1 UCA42N00F0 UCA42N00B1 UCA42N00B0 UCA42N0616 UCA42N1216 POSTER 600 X 800 mm 800 X 1200 mm 700 X 1000 mm 1000 X 1400 mm 600 X 1600 mm 1200 X 1600 mm Outer profiles black, inner profiles silver Outer profiles silver, inner profiles black CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 ARTICLE UPB405BN04 UPB405BN06 UPB405BN09 UPB405NB04 UPB405NB06 UPB405NB09 DESCRIPTION Black- Silver Black- Silver Black- Silver Silver-Black Silver-Black Silver-Black PROFILE : 40 mm 45 0 PAPER BOARD Paper boards is a snap open design, paper holder. Suitable for indoor use and in portrait position. Provided with 2 clear plastic clips for each paper, one product can present 4xA4, 6xA4 or 9xA4 options. 2 colour presence serve different needs & design of environment. Paperboard is suitable for office use, as announcement boards, schools, markets and hospitals. Anti-glare poster cover sheet. 2 colours in 1 frame Clear plastic clips to hold the note paper Clear cover Snap open! POSTER 210 X 297 mm PROFILE : 25 mmmitered ARTICLE UCB255N0A4x2000 DIN A4 new BASIC ECO SNAP FRAME Basic ECO snap frame only in size A4 210x297 mm, with 25 mm profile and mitered corners. These frames are suitable for indoors only. Including PET sheet. Delivered in box with 10 pieces. Holland Snap Frame BV | Niederlande | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.de HOLLAND SNAP FRAME Sign & more Sign & LLAND SNAP FRAME