HSF Katalog 2018-2019

36 Wire cable Hanger Electrical cable Snap open Profile Type 25 mm 35 mm Pre-treated special acrylic Light block on the corner Hidden LED application Clear cover Snap open We offer single and double sided LED illuminated frames to use indoor or outdoor. You will have the choice for snap profiles or magnetic covers. All are complete with powersupplies and wall hanger or suspension kit. What ever you decide, they are ready to use. LED illuminated technology offers high illumination so that you attract people to your message. LEDBOXES Ultra Slim“SMART LEDBOX” Dimmer Model Double sided Single sided • Improved Led technology for improved luminance. • Pre-treated light guided Panel diffuses light even & powerful. • CE & UL listed electrical components. • Offers evenly diffused lux in all Sizes. • Snap - open frame for easy poster change. • Saves up to 60% from energy costs. On/Off switch Optional dimmer to go with LED illuminated frame.. Simply jack the dimmer in frame and then into powersupply. It adjust the light from dark to max lux of LED illuminated frame. Standard hanging kit for all Sizes: 2 meters x 2 pcs wire cable and 2 ceiling hangers. 2 wall hangers are standard in each product. Moving hangers let the mounting in Portrait and Landscape position. Hanger Very slim single sided Best Buy LEDbox with 18 mm thickness is an ideal choice for a wide range of indoor applications. High illumination is achieved by specially treated acrylic and provides a homogenous illumination. Homogenous and brilliant Best Buy LEDbox will get the attention of consumers easily wherever it is mounted. BEST BUY LEDBOX SILVER ULDMEN0BA4 ULDMEN0BA3 ULDMEN0BA2 ULDMEN0BA1 ULDMEN0BA0 ULDMEN0BB2 ULDMEN0BB1 BLACK ULDMEB0BA4 ULDMEB0BA3 ULDMEB0BA2 ULDMEB0BA1 ULDMEB0BA0 ULDMEB0BB2 ULDMEB0BB1 POSTER 210 X 297 mm 297 X 420 mm 420 X 594 mm 594 X 841 mm 841 X 1189 mm 500 X 700 mm 700 X 1000 mm MATERIAL: Silver & Black anodised aluminium 13 mm Single Sided Very Slim, Magneco LEDbox is a new generation in LEDboxes. With a practical magnetic protection cover, it is very easy to change the poster. High and even illumination level attracts consumers to the message. Hidden finger hole to take off the acrylic cover prevents public access to the poster. MAGNECO LEDBOX Finger hole to push cover 13 mm frame SILVER ULB25ST0A4 ULB25ST0A3 ULB25ST0A2 ULB25ST0A1 ULB25ST0A0 ULB25ST0B2 ULB25ST0B1 ULB25ST023 ULB25ST034 POSTER 210 X 297 mm 297 X 420 mm 420 X 594 mm 594 X 841 mm 841 X 1189 mm 500 X 700 mm 700 X 1000 mm 20 X 30 ” 30 X 40 ” MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium 18 mm Single Sided new Snap open 18 mm snap frame Holland Snap Frame BV | Niederlande | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.de