HSF Katalog 2018-2019

39 ARTICLE UCLB25LNA4 UCLB25LNA3 UCLB25LNA2 UCLB25LNA1 UCLB25LNB2 UCLB25LN23 POSTER 210 X 297 mm 297 X 420 mm 420 X 594 mm 594 X 841 mm 500 X 700 mm 508 X 762 mm MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium Single faced convex boxes are available in various Sizes. Accessto poster is by snap frame profiles on each long side which are in 25mm. The surface is opal acrylic. Convex Lightbox includes a PET cover which is ideal to illuminate your duratrans & poster without reflection. For best results, use printings on backlit film or duratrans. CONVEX LEDBOX Snap open ARTICLE ULDM0N00A4 ULDM0N00A3 ULDM0N00A2 ULDM0N00A1 ULDM0N00A0 ULDM0N00B2 ULDM0N00B1 POSTER 210 X 297 mm 297 X 420 mm 420 X 594 mm 594 X 841 mm 841 X 1189 mm 500 X 700 mm 700 X 1000 mm LIGHTING 5500-6000 LUX 5000-5400 LUX 4600-4900 LUX 3500-3800 LUX 2800-3200 LUX 4000-4300 LUX 3000-3300 LUX MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium 28 mm depth On/off switch 12V Power supply Magnetic Smart LEDbox: A new generation in LEDboxes. With a practical magnetic protection cover, it is very easy to change the poster. High illumination level attracts consumers to the message. MAGNETIC SMART LEDBOX On/off switch Slide-in poster Open magnetic clear cover Magnetic clear cover Clips to hold the poster Improved LED Technology & laser surface treatment Holland Snap Frame BV | Niederlande | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.de HOLLAND SNAP FRAME Sign & more S ND S R E