HSF Katalog 2018-2019

69 Tape dispenser with brake, suitable for rolls of 50 mm x 66 m TAPE DISPENSER ARTICLE DT0001 DESCRIPTION TAPE DISPENSER TAPE DİSPENSER Available sizes: Widt: 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1600 mm. Length: from 700-10000 mm. Lightweight cutting ruler with Anti-slip layer on the bottom. Raised edge to protect fingers. Different lengths available! CUTTING RULER Make from every surface a cutting table with a soft cutting mat. Material: PVC. Thickness: 5 mm. Many sizes available. SOFT CUTTING MAT ARTICLE 1735-050 1735-060 1735-100 1735-150 1735-200 1735-240 1735-300 LENGTH 500 mm 600 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm 2400 mm 3000 mm DESCRIPTION Cutting ruler Cutting ruler Cutting ruler Cutting ruler Cutting ruler Cutting ruler Cutting ruler MATERIAL: Aluminium 55 mm 25 mm Adhesive: Water-based acrylic Carrier: polyurethane film Maximum temperature: 60°C Tensile strength: 150 N/25 mm Adhesive strength: 6 N/25 mm Thickness: 0,032 mm Brown and transparant packaging tape. Suitable to use with the tape dispenser DT0001. PACKAGING TAPE ARTICLE VB5066 VT5066 COLOR BROWN TRANSPARANT MATERIAL : Polyurethane film WIDTH 50 mm 50 mm LENGTH 66 m 66 m Holland Snap Frame BV | Niederlande | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.de HOLLAND SNAP FRAME Sign & more S LLAN SNAP F ME