HSF catalog 2018-2019

18 Suitable for heavier and bigger posters in thickness 10 micron - 500 micron. A double-sided poster holder. One set includes end caps on both profiles and hangers on the top profile. The product is supplied with 40 mm see/clear co-extrusion components inside which hold the poster. POSTER FAST Outdoor Flap Gripper offers innovative solutions for your advertising needs. It is designed to mount rigid panels onto outer walls using both sides of display poster. Then it gets the attention of 2-way traffic. It accepts rigid panels in 5mm thicknesses. EN certified wall fixing increase the security of the product in use. Fixing is covered by plastic end caps to provide clean finish to the product. OUTDOOR FLAP GRIPPER MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium ARTICLE UPF21SN021 UPF21SN030 UPF21SN042 UPF21SN050 UPF21SN060 UPF21SN070 UPF21SN085 UPF21SN100 UPF21SN120 POSTER 210 mm 300 mm 420 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm 850 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm Double sided Moving hangers Double sided profile 21 mm Moving hangers Wall fixing screws of Outdoor Flap Gripper are included in the pack which are CE certified multi-expansion long plugs. Special anti-corrosion coated screw is made of zinc coated steel and plastic sleeve made of high quality of nylon. It is confirmed for outdoor fixing on various exterior building surfaces such as concrete, solid or honeycomb brick, hollow dense or hollow light aggregate block, aerated concrete and solid stone. Please order panel separetely Please order panel separetely 50 0 50 0 Panel: 5 mm Plastech PVC Foam MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium - excluding panel ARTICLE UYOFG10610 UYOFG10612 UYOFG10615 ARTICLE UOFG00N100 UOFG00N120 UOFG00N150 POSTER SIZE 620 X 1000 mm 620 X 1200 mm 620 X 1500 mm POSTER SIZE 620 X 1000 mm 620 X 1200 mm 620 X 1500 mm Holland Snap Frame BV | The Netherlands | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.com