HSF catalog 2018-2019

19 15 mm 26 mm Suitable for use in open-air spaces or public areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, etc. 15 mm or 26 mm profile options are available. An anti-reflex PET cover protects your documents from tearing and suffering damage. Fixing availability with screws or adhesive tape both in landscape and portrait position. DOOR SIGNS PROFILE: 15 mm ARTICLE UDS150N0A7 UDS150N0A6 UDS150N0A5 UDS150N0A4 UDS150NA43 POSTER 74 X 105 mm 105 X 148 mm 148 X 210 mm 210 X 297mm 99 X 210 mm PROFILE: 26 mm ARTICLE UDS0001050 UDS0002050 UDS0003050 UDS0004050 UDS0005050 POSTER 50 X 148 mm 105 X 148 mm 105 X 297 mm 148 X 210 mm 210 X 297 mm peel & stick Offering a complete range, aluminium wall sign profiles are design to enable usage on a counter to match Wall Signs. Desktop Sign is fixed to a convenient reading angle to be seen by the customers easily. It is suitable for receptions, restaurants, cafés and many more. It is a practical product to change the message very often. DESKTOP SIGN Fast and Simple! Aluminium wall sign profiles are designed to create horizontally curved double sided suspended signs. Using your stock of single sided profiles, product offerings can be increased to double sided suspension style. Double SidedWall Sign is suitable as directional signs, way finding. Suspension cables enclosed enables flexible positioning of the sign. Black endcaps complete the look. DOUBLE SIDED WALL SIGN MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium ARTICLE UMDS740N15 UMDS740N20 UMDS740N25 UMDS105N15 UMDS105N20 UMDS105N25 UMDS105N30 UMDS148N20 UMDS148N25 UMDS148N30 POSTER SIZE 74 X 150 mm 74 X 200 mm 74 X 250 mm 105 X 150 mm 105 X 200 mm 105 X 250 mm 105 X 300 mm 148 X 200 mm 148 X 250 mm 148 X 300 mm MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium ARTICLE UYPDS00001 UYPDS00002 DESCRIPTION Double Sided Suspension Set / 2x4 m fishnet & 2xCelling Hanger Double Sided Fixing Set Suction Cup / UYAA006010 Fixing components (UYPDS00002) Suspension set (UYPDS00001) Clear cover Poster Double sided Suction cup Flat cap WALL SIGN DOUBLE SIDED: Silver anodised aluminium 74 mm 105 mm 148 mm SINGLE LAYER Maximum recommended lenght: 500 mm 2- LAYER 3-LAYER 4- LAYER 5- LAYER Holland Snap Frame BV | The Netherlands | Tel.: +31(0)33-2581179 | info@hollandsnapframe.com | www.hollandsnapframe.com HOLLAND SNAP FRAME Sign & more Sign & LLAND SNAP FRA E