Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

Displays and More..... 19 A parking board that consists of two parts. A basic part which is made of impact-resistant plastic and a impact- resistant crystal clear toppart what you can wrap on the inside with your text/advertising. Suitable for signage in parking garages and/or car parks. Bolted to the surface, it cannot easily be modified or deleted by third parties. Fully made from impact-resistant plastic. PARK’ SIGN® ARTICLE PARKSIGNBASE PARKSIGNTOP PARKSIGNTANG#1 DESCRIPTION Park Sign base Park Sign top Park Sign tang MATERIAL: Impact resistant plastic Chrome coated plastic House Numbers offered in a pack 0-9. Easy to apply on various surfaces with self-adhesive tape on the back of each sign. HOUSE NUMBER MATERIAL: Chrome coated plastic ARTICLE TDFH700002 HEIGHT 70 mm DESCRIPTION Silver - 0-9 peel & stick