Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

20 Suction cup Clear acrylic Clear acrylic Poster MATERIAL : Clear acrylic 3 mm ARTICLE UCF00D00A4 UCF00Y00A4 UCF00D00A3 UCF00Y0081 UCF00D0081 UCF00D0022 UCF00D0017 UCF00D0011 POSTER SIZE 210 X 297 mm 297 X 210 mm 297 X 420 mm 8,5”w X 11”h 8,5”w X 11”h 22”w X 28”h 11”w X 17”h 11”w X 14”h DESCRIPTION Portrait Landscape Portrait Landscape Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Magnets Clear acrylic Standoff Poster / photo Designed as frameless, Standoff Mount Acrylic Sign is a practical display system allowing to change poster when it is still on the wall by sliding. It is suitable for enviroments where the advertisement or promotions are changed very often such as offices, meeting rooms, travel agents, hotels, restaurants and many more. Standoff Mount Acrylic Sign is also suitable for branding. STANDOFF MOUNT ACRYLIC SIGN Clear window Frame is made of 3 mm acrylic and diplays the poster as double sided. There are four strong suction cups to hold the sign for displaying the poster on glass doors or windows. The printed poster are easily inserted from top and sides, and remain mounted while changing them. These clear window frames are suitable to use at shop window, store entrances, retaurants etc. MATERIAL : Clear acrylic 2 mm ARTICLE USMS0D00A4 USMS0D00A3 USMS0D00A2 POSTER SIZE 297 X 420 mm 210 X 297 mm 420 X 594 mm CLEAR FRAME peel & stick 150x200 mm brushed Aluminium Braille Toilet Signs are plastic framed. The signs incorporated a combination of tactile text and printed text. It is available in Men andWomen options. Easy to apply with self-adhesive tape provided on the back of each sign. 6X8 BARILLE SIGN MATERIAL: Aluminium ARTICLE TDFL070002 TDFL080002 EXTERNAL (x-y) 150 X 200 mm 150 X 200 mm DESCRIPTION Silver- Men Silver -Women 150x200 mm-Men / Female, Silver Plastic Frame Aluminum Panel With Braille 127x127mm brushed aluminium Braille NO SMOKING Signs are plastic framed. Easy to apply with self- adhesive tape provided on the back of each sign. 5X5 BARILLE SIGN peel & stick MATERIAL: Aluminium ARTICLE TDFL110002 EXTERNAL (x-y) 127 X 127 mm DESCRIPTION Silver 127x127 mm -No Smoking, Silver Palstic Frame Aluminum Panel With Braille