Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

Displays and More..... 29 ARTICLE USWL000NA1 POSTER 594 X 841 mm MATERIAL : Silver & Black powder coated frame & waterbase Illuminated WindPro With Led Patent No: OHIM DM/084 128 Approx. weight is 40 kg when filled with water. Lock Poster clips UV PC cover 40 mm printed border Locked battery compartment Rechargeable battery. 2 kg, 26,6 Volt (12 Volt DC), 10 A lithium Model Lock Lock Rubber seal Elastic ropes TZZZ998701 Cable lock kit for WindPro 2100mm UYPSWL0010 Spare battery Switch mode of lighting Stable, heavy and endurable pavement sign. Suitable to set aside in parking areas, play grounds, shop entrances and busy pavement roads; especially for windy areas. Standard in metallic RAL 9006 color. By opening the plastic stoppers, you can pour in either water or sand to make the stand heavier. WATERBASE PAVEMENT SIGNS ARTICLE UWPS005000 UWPS001000 MODEL Pyramit A Board WEIGHTWITHWATER 5,5 kg 8 kg MATERIAL: High density polietilen Pyramid Maximum water capacity is 4,5 liter. A Board Maximum water capacity is 5 liter. Provide lift of the sign