Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

Displays and More..... 41 Magnetic M&C Cork CORK USBN4004A4 USBN4006A4 USBN4009A4 MAGNETIC USBN5004A4 USBN5006A4 USBN5009A4 CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium KEY 2 2 2 Pins included Magnets included RED USBN1104A4 USBN1106A4 USBN1109A4 USBN1112A4 BLUE USBN1204A4 USBN1206A4 USBN1209A4 USBN1212A4 GRAY USBN1404A4 USBN1406A4 USBN1409A4 USBN1412A4 GREEN USBN1304A4 USBN1306A4 USBN1309A4 USBN1312A4 MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium Felt CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 12 X A4 KEY 1 2 2 2 Choice of 4 felt colours Gray Blue Green red Suitable for indoor use. It has 2 different backing models. Each unit includes a free set of pins or magnets. Single key 4xA4, double key 6xA4, 9xA4 and 12xA4 Sizes are available and can be used both in Portrait & Landscape positions. The cover can be opened to 90 degrees. Each unit includes mounting screw and plugs for easy wall mounting. The depth of the case is 35 mm. One set of 2 key included in the pack. OFFICE BOARDS Green red One set of 2 key included in the pack! Door lock! CORK USBN1004A4 USBN1006A4 USBN1009A4 USBN1012A4 MAGNETIC USBN2004A4 USBN2006A4 USBN2009A4 USBN2012A4 M&C USBN3004A4 USBN3006A4 USBN3009A4 USBN3012A4 MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium Cork - Magnetic - M&C CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 12 X A4 KEY 1 2 2 2 36 мм thickness Gray Blue Pins included. Magnetic Magnets included Cork Pins included