Sanne Catalog 2018-2019

42 CORK UNBN0004A4 UNBN0006A4 UNBN0009A4 UNBN0012A4 MAGNETIC UNBN1004A4 UNBN1006A4 UNBN1009A4 UNBN1012A4 M&C UNBN2004A4 UNBN2006A4 UNBN2009A4 UNBN2012A4 MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium Cork - Magnetic - M&C CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 12 X A4 CORK UNBN0504A4 UNBN0506A4 UNBN0509A4 UNBN0512A4 UNBN0704A4 UNBN0706A4 UNBN0709A4 UNBN0712A4 MAGNETIC UNBN1504A4 UNBN1506A4 UNBN1509A4 UNBN1512A4 UNBN1704A4 UNBN1706A4 UNBN1709A4 UNBN1712A4 CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 12 X A4 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 12 X A4 MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium With Logo DESCRIPTION Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Suitable for outdoor use. LEDs on the top and the bottom of the profile illuminate the interior of the frame. 4xA4, 6xA4, 9xA4, 12xA4 paper capacity sizes are available. Noticeboard can be used both in portrait and landscape positions. Each unit includes a free set of pins or magnets. The profile width is 70 mm and the depth of the case 50 mm. One set of 2 key included in the pack! NOTICEBOARDS Magnetic M&C Cork Soft edge corner 50 mm thickness Logo Clear cover Black rubber Stays keep the door open CORK UNBN0L04A4 UNBN0L06A4 UNBN0L09A4 MAGNETIC UNBN1L04A4 UNBN1L06A4 UNBN1L09A4 M&C UNBN2L04A4 UNBN2L06A4 UNBN2L09A4 MATERIAL: Silver anodised aluminium With LED Light CAPACITY 4 X A4 6 X A4 9 X A4 LED Cable Cork Magnetic M&C Magnetic Cork